7 Dub selections and 1 vocal cut, all by Silas Crowe & Mister Luke O’Hearn.

** track 3 Colby Thibert vox
*** track 5 Colby Thibert vox & Buck Lee – kete drum

the peoples dub

One Light Show – Recorded 2011

recorded 2one light show cover011

Mark Ferrabee – vox /guitar
Breagan Smith – vox/guitar
Silas Crowe – vox
James Emerson – vox/drums
Evan Nightingale – Bass
James Matheson – Engineer



Half That

its been ages since i shared something new. so here is something new.

deep electronic dub


titled  : Silas Crowe – Half That


Silas Crowe – Sails….. full length album released for your ears to hear

happy to announce that my first full length album “Sails” is now available in hard copy form from me. catch me out there or send me an email at sizemuzic@gmail.com. 14 songs  written and produced by myself. taking it back to my roots, straight hip hop music. online release will happen later this month


‘Until Now’ New 6 song EP free for download

Welcome to the new site lovely people,  with the launch of the site I am happy to be releasing a new EP.  The project entitled ‘Until Now’ was recorded from 2010 to 2012 and features 3 songs in a reggae style with myself playing bass , guitar & programming drums (except #5 featuring Mister Luke O’Hearn). As well as 3 songs in a hip-hop style. all songs produced by myself  Silas Crowe (except #5 co-produced by Miater Luke O’Hearn),  and recorded behind the studio on Hornby Island BC. I am also currently in the process of finishing the last few songs of my debut full length album to be called “Sails”.  The artwork is nearly finished and a song or two away from done recording. then its off to be printed. expect a july release of that project!!… until then, check out “Until Now”

until now sm